Metal in Knee Bends after Deliverance & Prayer

Healings started breaking out during the testimony videos Randy was showing. After the first video Randy sent people with metal in their bodies over to sit with our team and felt a healing portal had opened over us. A big guy named Herval came and sat right beside me. I had already felt I was having a word of knowledge for someone with knee pain in one knee.

When he sat down I asked him what he needed. He had metal and three screws in his knee! He could not kneel on the floor or squat down without excruciating pain. I started praying for him and was promptly joined by several other Global teammates. I commanded the metal to bend or dissolve, but we weren’t seeing progress. We began to suspect a spirit and it was! Another teammate, Emily, looked at me and said we’ve got deliverance on our hands. She laid hands on him and prayed. The spirit started to violently manifest. This went on and increased for several minutes until it finally left. Then we started praying for the knee again and made progress. In about 15 minutes he was 80% healed! Shortly thereafter the Lord completed the healing and he was 100% pain free. He could squat and kneel with no pain! So amazing, I mean – metal is metal and doesn’t bend without supernatural power. – Jeff
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