Metal Plate in Right Arm Healed

John Butt from our ministry team raised his hand during the question Randy asked, “Does anyone have metal in their body?” During ministry time, I happened to be standing next to John and asked, “How’s your injury?” He turned over his right arm and showed me an 8 inch scar running from his wrist halfway to his elbow. He broke his arm in a motorcycle accident that required a metal plate and screws to be implanted, due to the severe nature of the break. I asked if I could pray for him, he agreed. I reached out and commanded all metal and pain to go, declaring total and complete restoration to his wrist and arm. He immediately felt a surge of heat come over him and began to cry, “I knew I was going to be healed.” I asked him to test it, he did. He received full range of movement, all pain left and he said a metal screw that he could feel at his wrist was no longer there. This healing again involved the testimony of faith by Randy, the video to elevate faith for healing and the laying on of hands. I got to tap in the short putt for a win (to use a golf term) the main work was done by the video to elevate faith for miracles. Thank you Lord!

Kevin L, Manager

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