Migraine & Eye Pain Leave After Prayer & Thanksgiving!

A woman with a migraine asked me to pray for her. I prayed two or three times, “Come Holy Spirit with your healing power.” After prayer I asked her if anything had changed. She reported there was a 40 percent improvement.

I said that was awesome and thanked Jesus. I prayed a couple more times and felt kind of stuck, so I asked her if she experienced migraines more than just today. She said she used to have migraines, but a headache came back today. I commanded the spirit of affliction to come out of her in Jesus’ name and she was 90 percent better.  We thanked Jesus for what He had done. Then she was completely healed of the migraine. She said she also had pain in both her eyes which usually came with the migraines. The prayer and healing process was pretty much identical as the migraine. She was completely healed of all her pain.
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