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Soccer Injury Healed!

A man, who had played soccer, came for prayer. He had hurt his left knee playing soccer two weeks earlier, and there was constant pain in the knee. He was not able to squat down. 

I asked if I could put my hand on his knee. I started to release healing for his knee. After the first prayer he mentioned that it was about 50% better. I asked if I could pray again. I thanked the Lord for starting the healing and asked Him to heal the knee completely. After this prayer, the knee was 70% better. The man was looking much better, and he was already able to squat down, jump and even run. I asked if I could pray again. I thanked the Lord for healing 70% and released complete healing on the knee. The man said that it was still 70% better. I told him that God had already started the healing and He would continue healing him. Then he left. Later in the evening I ran into this man again. He told me that there was no more pain. He was completely healed!

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