Mozambique – Auto Accident 42 Years Ago

Forty-two years ago today, I was involved in an auto accident. I survived, whereas the driver in the other car died. He was drunk and driving fast and did not make the curve crossing in front of me with a nearly head-on collision. I have had many near-death experiences, knowing that God chose me for a purpose to survive. Thank you to the group in this Prayer Hut for listening to me and brining closure to this tragic event. God does have a purpose for me, and being here has allowed me to connect deeper / closer with my Lord to sort out those important things in my life He wants me to do. Not just those things of the flesh I have been so driven by in the past. This time and place – what a blessing with God pouring out His love and mercy upon me! I am blessed and going forward and will fulfill my purpose for my Lord , to carry out His commission to raise up His Kingdom on Earth, to show those I am around His Love for them and their need to know Him so as to experience His eternal blessing and salvation. Be bold – praise God! In His Love! All Glory to God!

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