Global Awakening

Mozambique – Bush Outreach with a Family

Bush outreach and village visits: We prayed for a family with a mother and three children who were not well. The first child we prayed for was deaf and mute. He was completely healed, repeating phrases for us. The second child was about 1 year old and had eye problems. We prayed for her but could not tell if there was improvement. The third child was an infant that appeared lifeless and limp as a rag doll. We prayed for health and strength to come to her. When we were done praying, she was sitting up and playing with an empty water bottle. The mother had pain in her sides. We prayed and she said the pain left, but moved to her head. Realizing it was an afflicting spirit, we prayed deliverance and she was completely set free and all pain left her.

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