Mozambique – Bush-Bush

I was surprised by love on the 2nd day in the “bush-bush”. After helping to dig holes for a new church with machetes and hand scooping, I was resting in the shade before going out on a door-to-door visitation in the village for healing prayer and evangelism. A short distance away, a young doctor with our group was seeing a sick child with an eye problem and she asked me to take a look because “that was my specialty”. I replied that mine is ears, nose and throat, not eyes, but then I remembered that I said I will do anything I was asked but didn’t want to do medical things so that I could be more like Heidi Baker’s loving in her world. I got up and went to the child, agreed it was conjunctivitis, and the drugs she was about to give her were a good choice. She had been given instructions through a translator to the child’s father. I just sat down and gently placed the child on my lap, as he was so totally trusting of me. His face was covered with pus from rubbing his eyes, and I wiped all the pus with a Kleenex and then opened his eyelids with my fingertips and put the drops in. She raised him back to standing and he and his dad left. The man sitting next to me started to cry and said something like “I have just seen the love of God in action.” Then I started
to cry as I realized that I didn’t feel loving especially. And as I thought back, I didn’t notice the dirt or the pus or whatever in that boy . . . just a boy in need. I later thanked the woman who asked me to confer on her patient. I told her what happened and she said she felt the same way about seeing love.

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