Global Awakening

Mozambique – Let the Children Come

One the second night of the bush village outreach, (after the Jesus Film), I paired together with Bob and we found children coming to us for prayer. With no interpreter, we did not know the details but we knew that these children came forward in faith. Jesus said let the children come to me. We laid our hands on each child and after prayer we knew that healing had come. No need for words but just the thumbs up and a big grin on their face. We told them to keep thanking Jesus as they ran and disappeared into the crowd and the darkness. When we were in the bush village visiting people’s homes, I was not bothered by the heat, the sweat running off me, or the red dirt stuck to my skin. There was an indescribable beauty in carrying the good news of Jesus. I could feel the Lord’s heartbeat, and wanted nothing less but the same for each person we came to. There is no coincidence ever, and feeling this privilege of God laying the path and people before us was just beautiful. I felt the desire for each man, woman or child to have Jesus’ heartbeat inside their own heart. As each person sat on the ground outside their hut looking up at us with eyes that were hungry, I looked into their eyes through the eyes of Jesus, and His love for His children just broke me.

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