Mozambique – Four Ladies Encounter God

I saw four ladies sitting on the mat on the sand. I sat with them, smiled and then they smiled back.  I again smiled to them and they smiled again too.  After that we all giggles and laughed, because we didn’t know how we would be able to understand each other but yet wanting to.  Then I said, Ning pointing to myself and they do the same too.  Then I asked them if they wanted prayer for sickness trying to explain it to them by action. I ask them if they had pain in the stomach and I tried to dramatize it to them. 

One of the ladies asked me to pray for her small toe that is swollen so I prayed.  She got healed. Out of the four ladies two were healed.  Then they called other ladies to be prayed for. When I finished I got twelve ladies in total that I prayed for and five of them got healed. The first one I prayed for had a swollen toe and got healed, one got healed of her back, one was healed of pain in her sides, and two were healed of their chest pain. What an amazing God we have.  He removes even the barrier of communication. We ended up singing together. God is good! ~Ning

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