Mozambique – Team Member’s Lower Back Renewed

When we arrived in Pemba, Mozambique at Iris Ministries, we found out we were going to our outreach in the bush in the morning with little time to prepare. We were told it would be a 10-12 hour ride to our location. I must say I was intimidated to ride on the back of a flatbed semi-truck for this length of time but thought I would trust God. The trip was more difficult than I had previously thought and I injured my back due to a quick stop we made. I had trouble straightening up all the way and I could no longer twist from side to side without tremendous pain. It got so bad that when we went to bed that night, I could not turn over in my sleeping bag or sit-up without help.

By morning I was having several groups of people lay hands on me to pray.  I would feel some relief but then the pain would come back. My team leader Jackie began massaging my back and noticed a lot of muscular damage but was alarmed at the knot in the center of my spinal chord. She and I both knew it was badly damaged and we wondered how I was going to make the trip back the following day.  I spent some time alone with God in prayer wandering around the village and was pressing on my spine. The knot felt like the end of your thumb sticking out of my spine….quite an odd feeling.

At some point, I felt an impression to push on it and when I did there was no pain.  I pushed harder with as much force as I could, and the mass moved inside my spinal chord.  I instantly was able to stand completely straight and could move from side to side with no sharp pain.  I was still incredibly sore but believed I had been healed. By the following morning I was much better and though I did ride in the cab of the truck all the way back as a caution, I was about 80-90% better. By the next morning, I was 100% better and the muscles had gone back to normal.  As I shared this with different people that were in the medical field, they each shared it would be impossible to push anything into your spine, due to the pressure between the vertebrae.  All I can say is that I experienced it myself and knew it was a divine healing.  I had thought I would go on this trip to Mozambique to see amazing healings with my own eyes.  I had no idea one of those healings would be my own  ~Amber Umsted

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