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Mozambique – Heidi and Rolland Honored the Team

Heidi and Rolland (IRIS) honored the Global Team by having a special time to pray for us. During this time, they had the Mozambican “mamas” lay hands on us for prayer. A tall, graceful local woman knelt before me – placed her hands on my shoulders and began to pray. As she prayed, God broke into my heart and began showing me all the things I had seen so far that demonstrated Jesus’ great love and the needs of these people. He opened my eyes to the enormous pain and hunger throughout the world and His plan to show mercy and love. He showed me that I was too self-focused (even in forms of insecurity and doubt, etc) and opened my heart to see through His eyes. I began to weep and my Mozambican mama prayed more. God revealed things to me about her character that He was imparting to me: her strength, her ability to mother, and her humility. He washed me with His love and brought me joy. Later, we had a chance to accompany some of these “mamas” to their homes. We discovered they were all widows who had been trained to make beaded jewelry which they now sold to care for their households instead of begging! The mama who prayed for me was in our group. She had lost her husband the past year and had four young children at home. She eventually allowed us into her home. She was an amazing woman of strength and dignity. I am so blessed that God used her to pray for me. We also prayed for her safety and God’s provision for her and for God’s anointing to use her as a leader among women in her village. I know that I will always carry part of Maria in my heart. I came here to give but have received so much.

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