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Mozambique – Holy Spirit playing Simon Says

In transit to Iris, we had an unscheduled 2 night stop-over in Dares Salaam, due to flight schedules. First night: nightmares (unusual) had neglected to pray over the bed. Next day I had awful giddiness. I had never experienced this before.It was not due to food, water or medication.


The Holy Spirit told me to rest and not go on to Zanzibar. In afternoon, I lay on bed on my side, after a while, Holy Spirit said to sit up, I did. Then Holy Spirit said to lie on the other side and I did, then again after a while He said to sit up and this went on “Simon says style” with Holy Spirit (for about 30 minutes). Then He said “get up” – I did and the giddiness was completely gone! Thank you Jesus – I had been worried! At the Methodist church I prayed for a lady with a weak left knee and she was healed. I kicked / tripped on a rock and cracked 2 toes (I have cracked toes before, so knew the pain). I prayed and pain went. My toes have continued to be pain-free with the occasional reminder tinge that small miracles are as important as seeing the dead raised. God’s grace supernaturally neutralized me. It was after the fun of participating in children’s present giving, leading groups to lunch and 4 hours in the kitchen. Through the workshop starting the evening session, God recharged me. I could then enjoy praying for people without tiredness in my grungy, smelly state and 3 hrs went in a flash. I was then blessed with no shower queue!

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