Mozambique – Widows Receiving Salvation

On the day the widows came to church, I prayed for a woman who wanted to receive Jesus as her savior. I started to pray and the woman was powerfully touched. She called out to Jesus for quite a while. All I could understand washersp; saying Jesus’ name in every sentence. Then the Holy Spirit took me through a series of things to pray, and I saw her face and demeanor respond to each of these in turn. It was amazing! I asked for the “power” of the Holy Spirit to come, then broke off any “spiritual bonds”, spoke in “freedom”, then more “power”, then “peace” (and she went so quiet), then “love” (and she started to smile), then “joy” (and she burst out laughing), then “love” and “peace” again (and she went all soft and still). Absolutely brilliant – saved, healed and delivered in about 10 minutes. She couldn’t understand my language, and I couldn’t understand her language, but God understood us both and I just needed to listen to Him to know the keys. And we were both touched for His love for His people. He is amazing!

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