Mozambique – After the Jesus Movie

In the Bush-Bush. We went into the villages, a group of about six Global people and a local pastor as translator. We had an entourage of curious village children walking past us as we moved from house to house. We prayed for a man with pain all over. The pain began to leave. Lower and lower in his body until it was gone. We prayed for a man with pain in his head and it left. We prayed for a woman with ongoing pain in her stomach and God healed her also. Suddenly it hit me that this is what Jesus did to train His disciples. Our leader had us each take turns – praying for the sick, leading young girls and grown men to Christ. When demons were the issue, we cast them out, and people got well. Just normal believers grow in faith, ministering the grace and love of Christ in Jesus’ name. After the Jesus movie, we were praying for the sick and ministering through the interpreter. A woman came up led along because she could not see well enough to walk on her own. We prayed for her sight, and Jesus cleared her eyes. She said she could see well enough to walk home by herself. The next day, while resting in the shade of an awning in the village, the woman came by bowing low, shaking each of our hands, thanking us for praying for her.

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