Salvations & Healing

This trip was amazing, life changing and very different in a good way! There are so many highlights, it is hard to pick just one.

The outreaches were incredible. The first one was very good. On the second night, after playing the Jesus film, around 10 – 12 people came forward to give their lives to Jesus! I got to pray with a couple other people with one of the men. We led him to the Lord, prayed for healing in his body (he got healed of back pain) and then got to pray for him to be filled with the Holy Spirit!

On the second outreach, the biggest highlight for me was after we met the Chief and talked with Heidi. We went out in to the village. We ended up leading four women to the Lord in the space of about fifteen minutes!

Personally, God showed me a lot. One of the biggest things was a better understanding of His love. A clearer understanding of who I am as His daughter and a better idea/revelation of what it looks like to fully surrender your life to Him.

Overall it was a fantastic trip! Life changing!

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