Set Free to Minister, Prophesy

My whole life I have always been quiet. I speak soft, so I get talked over a lot. Many times people I am around are very quick on their feet when it comes to thinking, talking and praying. Over the last few years I knew I was not operating from the person God created me to be because my thoughts and my voice were shut down.

When I do talk, my words don’t flow and I stutter frequently. It’s like my brain is an engine that’s not firing on all six cylinders. I know what I want to say but I have a hard time getting my thoughts in to words. That being said it has carried on in my prayer life. Feeling very inadequate. I know that’s the enemy but none the less it feels real.

My heart on this trip was to be intentional. I wanted to get to know all our team members. It’s not my “normal” to ask people questions about themselves and intentional with Jesus too.

That was the background.

On day three of being in Mozambique, we were in the bush preparing to go to another village. Keliva was going to preach, and two people were going to give testimonies, so Zyna asked us to surround them in prayer. Zyna and the three men were in a circle holding hands, the team surrounded them and everyone was praying. Zyna asked me…. ME to close in prayer. With the power and authority of Jesus Christ I prayed. God gave me the words – no stuttering or fumbling or striving to find just the right words. It was powerful for me.

I have been a different person here. With all the people I have been able to get to know. To speak life – to give life to team members, Iris kids, Harvest School students and the village. To see how God used me is a new thing for me. Oh, and I got to prophesy over the village chief – a Muslim – who later that day accepted Jesus as her savior. Only God can orchestrate that. Only God is capable of giving me the gift of my heart. To know what it feels and looks like to be the person God created me to be.

Not one time did I have problems with my brain misfiring. I have been set free from that bondage. Thank you, Jesus. – Judy

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