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Mozambique – Pastor Calling.

Today, a large group of Mozambican pastors and a large group of Harvest school students were graduating. It has been a joy to see the lives Iris is changing by preparing them to go out and carry the gospel. The worship here has been pure and passionate and filled with the power of God. The love is palpable. The local pastors are gracious and have served us well as translators. They seem to have strong devotion to the Lord and you see the heart of a servant and leader in so many. The Harvest school students share in how God has used this time to transform them and prepare them for His call. It’s amazing how God is using this place and you can feel the power of revival.
I went up to the Village Children Feeding program. Immediately, children pulled me in and began hugging me and smiling, tugging on my hands. They pulled me down to sit with them and play clapping games. Probably two dozen children came over for hugs. One girl asked if she could braid my hair. When I nodded, seven or eight girls immediately began braiding sections of my hair. I was surrounded by laughing, tugging, chattering girls. After I received a proper African hairstyle, I walked over to the feeding line and watched the process of washing hands, serving rice and beans, and rewashing plates to be used again. I helped out by delivering the clean plates back to the servers. One of the local workers said he was a village child fed here and now he serves. They estimated that 750 kids were fed. All are being exposed to the love of Christ at it is changing a generation.

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