Mozambique – A Widows Gift

Went to the service, the widows gave us gifts – necklaces – and prayed for us with perseverance while the leaders (Heidi, Rolland, Mel Tari and Surpresa Sithole) – prayed and imparted. Afterwards, Dee and I went to visit widows’ houses. We walked with Suzanne and Julieth (two of the widows) for about 45 minutes to reach Suzanne’s home. We did not know what to expect or where to start, but God’s Spirit was with us, so we asked Suzanne if she needed prayer. She had pain all over her body, so we prayed and God healed her. We asked Julieth if she needed prayer – her heart and chest hurt and her wrists had pain. We asked the Lord to heal her in Jesus name and the pain left. She said her heart still beat irregularly, so we prayed again and Jesus made her completely well. We had New Testaments in English and Portuguese. Suzanne said she could read and Julieth said her family could read to her – so we gave them each a New Testament. They were so thankful and filled with Joy. So we left full of God’s grace and joy.

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