Multiple Healings

Evening service, 9 year old boy – appeared to be healed of asthma that he had for 5-6 years.  Twenty year old man 90% improvement of right forearm pain from a volleyball injury. He previously could not make a fist without pain. Maria approximately age 50 healed of a 3 year history of leg pain causing her to not sleep at night. She was slain in the Spirit. 

Simone, a 40 year old woman was healed of chronic headaches and overall body pain then slain in the Spirit. John, 20 year old, with a girlfriend came to be more filled with the Holy Spirit. Both were slain in the Spirit. John age 12 with a 6 year history of chronic leg pain was slain in the Spirit and then reported all pain gone. Maria age 40 injured her lower back at the service trying to catch someone and was 100% healed after praying three times. – Ed, clinical social worker
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