Toothache and Hernia Healed

The word of knowledge I gave was a toothache on the bottom right canine. Two people came up with that problem, a young girl and a lady. Both were healed of the pain. I prayed for a lady who was feeling a heavy weight on her shoulders and nauseous when she first came into the church the day prior, and had felt it constantly since. I prayed for her, first to cast out anything demonic, then for a filling of the Spirit, and asked her how she felt. 

She still felt the weight and nausea, so I prayed directly for the weight and nausea to leave, and they did. I joined someone else in praying for a lady with a hernia. We prayed but she did not feel a difference. Then I thought of a guy the day before who I led in a prayer to forgive himself and healed a hernia. The testimony, combined with her self-forgiveness and our prayer, resulted in her healing. Praise Jesus! – Christopher, Engineer

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