Multiple Physical Healings and Deliverances

I gave a word of knowledge of painful feet and lower back. The main speaker’s interpreter responded.  I prayed for him and he was instantly healed.  There was no pain left. Two ladies who responded to a word of knowledge on bondage given by one of the team members came to me for deliverance. They were instantly delivered of demons which had been harassing them. One of them said, “She has been in bondage for a long, long time from her childhood.  It was depriving her of even sleep”.  She was so happy to experience freedom and looking forward to sleeping. I also prayed for a woman who had suffered with severe headaches, shoulder pain for a very long time.  When I laid hands on her head and commanded all pain to leave her body, she crumpled to the floor and when she stood up all pain had left her body.  When her daughter saw that, she asked me to pray for the pain that had been in her upper leg for a long time.  She was also instantly healed.  The mother and daughter couldn’t hug me enough.  They were so happy to be free from pain.  – Deborah

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