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Multiple Sclerosis Healed; Canes Left Behind

At Christ Church Peckham I was walking back into the main worship area after impartation to pastors, their spouses and church staff when a woman stepped up to me using two canes. She laid down her canes and asked me to pray for her. I found out her name was Mary and she had multiple sclerosis (MS).

There was expectancy in her demeanor. She told me her legs were weak and full of pain especially above her right knee. I prayed commanding MS to leave her body, for muscles to strengthen. I asked how she was doing. She said she was better but couldn’t tell me how much. So we thanked God for what He was doing and prayed some more. I stopped and interviewed her some more. I asked how she was doing and there was not much more happening. I asked her to do something she could not do before. She began walking unassisted but very carefully. She would take steps and stop and then continue on. I stayed with her as she walked halfway around the sanctuary where she stopped and turned around. On the way back she stopped to rest, sitting in a chair. At that point she asked me to pray for her feet, especially her arches. By now some other team members joined us. We prayed for a few minutes and she said she felt improvement. At some point while praying, I felt the Lord was saying, “You will walk first and then run.” When I told her this, she said that those were the exact words the Lord had spoken to her. (I was surprised by this that it would be the exact words the Lord had spoken to her.) She told me she had them written in her journal and had often referred to them for some time. After resting and more prayer she was ready to walk some more. She walked back to the area where she had been seated. She told me her youngest grandson was there and proudly showed him to me. He was 3 month old. I mentioned that she would be holding him soon without any problems. She told me she would walk around while carrying him. When I asked her at what level her healing was, she said 80 percent.

On the bus that night I found out that she had gone through inner healing the night before. God knew the timing and steps of healing she had to go through in order to experience His love and healing power. Yay, God!

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