Nepal/India 2011: Man Under Attack

During our teams village ministry, we stopped at a house where the man could not walk because of so much pain in his knees. He had MRI’s that said there was nothing physically wrong with his knees. The pastor thought it was demonic, and the team agreed. Since the man was a Hindu, we asked the pastor to lead the man to salvation before we prayed for his knees. The man readily accepted Jesus. We then prayed for the Holy Spirit to come and fill him. Then we asked the man to repeat some renunciations of previous worship of other gods, and any contacts that he may have made in previous religions. We then began to pray for the darkness to leave his body. After a few minutes his eyes got brighter and his face shone, and he said the darkness was gone. We asked him to rise up and walk and he did, quickly down to the end of his walk to the road and back.

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