New Arches Form in Flat Feet

It was the third night in a row that my bus had attended a service at Reunion Del Senor and I personally hadn’t any “major healings” just a few headaches and stomach aches. I was standing and waiting with a guy from my bus for someone to pray for when a mother approached us with her 12 year-old son. 

He had had flat feet all of his life and it hurt him to run and walk. We bent down, put our hands on his feet and began to pray for aches to form in his feet. After a bit we called over a translator to ask how he felt. He said he felt better and got up to leave. But I didn’t let him. I pulled him back and asked him (through the translator) to take off his shoes and check to see if there was truly any difference in his feet. He removed both his shoe and sock from one foot and checked his foot. I could see a bit of an arch in his foot. The boy began to feel it, point at it and said, “That wasn’t there before! I didn’t have this before!” At this time another guy from our bus walked up and the four of us (including translator) prayed again for the boy’s feet, blessing what God was doing and asking for more of an arch. We checked his foot again and the arch was noticeably bigger! It was amazing and he could move his feet with less pain.

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