Older Woman’s Pain in Knees & Right Elbow Healed

Gladys Nunez, in her 70s or 80s, had aches and pains in her bones throughout her body, but the worst was in both knees and right elbow at about level 7 out of 10.  We had her sit down.  

She wanted to talk about it a lot, so I asked her where it was worst and how bad.  After the first time Linda and I prayed, I asked her if she felt anything in her body.  She said she felt like little feet were walking on her knees and elbow, and the pain had decreased to about a 4.  Then we prayed again.  Linda felt tingling in her hands as she prayed.  Gladys got up, moved around, and announced that there was no more pain.  Hallelujah! – Lynn 

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