Over Three Decades of Pain Lifts When Curses Are Broken

I prayed for a 50/60-year-old woman named Fatima who had neck and back pain, scoliosis, sciatica, and fibromyalgia. Her pain started at a 7. We commanded the pain to go. The pain went down a little but was still mostly there. I asked when the pain started. She said at 17. I asked if there was a traumatic event that happened within a year of when the pain started. She revealed she had been sexually abused by her grandfather. She didn’t tell her parents until later, but neither one believed her when she did. So I had her forgive her father and mother for not hearing or believing her voice. We forgave her grandfather and gave him to God. We forgave God for any ill feelings she had towards him. She forgave herself for self-hatred that was caused because of this. We commanded the pain and trauma to go. We also broke soul ties from the abuse. The pain went down to a 4. We commanded her spine to straighten and fibromyalgia to be healed. It didn’t change that time. I felt like we needed to break curses and see if there was witchcraft in the family. She revealed that her grandfather had some occult experiences she had witnessed as a child/teenager. We forgave anyone who put curses on her or her family and broke them all. We broke all occult activity off her and her family line. I prayed again. She tested it again, and this time her eyes widened as she no longer had any pain. She told our translator that she heard and felt the bones in her spine go back into place. She was completely healed of all pain! It was so amazing to see God heal His daughter emotionally and physically!   –  Tracy, Office Manager

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