Pain across Forehead and Jaw Gone

On Thursday, Rodney taught on Words of Knowledge and had people who had never given a Word of Knowledge come forward.  A young man in his early 20’s giving his first word of knowledge called out someone with a pain across the right side of their forehead and then he signaled also across the radius of the jaw.  Later, when we were asked to pray for people, a young woman came to me and mentioned she had pain across her forehead and also her jaw from an oral surgery that was troubling her.  I gently placed my hands on each side of her face and commanded the inflammation, swelling, and pain to go in Jesus’ name. She said the pain was a lot better. I commanded the afflicting spirit to leave and stop troubling her. Then, I declared more: more peace and more joy.  She had a radiant smile and said the pain was gone and hugged me.  I also affirmed the young man when we were at the Church again and let him know that he was accurate with his word of knowledge from God.

Pauletta H, Energy Consultant

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