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Pain in Right Wrist Healed!

I had a word of knowledge about a pain in the right wrist, which I gave during the service. A young woman (mid-twenties) came to me during the altar service with a request for prayer for her right wrist.

She showed me a scan and explained that she had a surgery to remove a cyst but still had pain in her wrist and cramping in her hands, and the pain went all the way to her fingertips. She is a massage therapist and has had to work through the pain. I heard Holy Spirit say, “Ganglion cyst” which she confirmed. We invited Holy Spirit to come and when the Presence was all around us I prayed a commanding prayer for the pain and for restriction in tendons and muscles to go. She was beaming stating that all of the pain in her wrist was gone and about 50% of the stiffness and cramping in her hand was resolved. We prayed a second short commanding prayer in the name of Jesus and the remainder of the cramping and stiffness went. 100% healing in Jesus name. In a matter of five minutes, Jesus transformed the quality of her work life. – Peggy, student/homemaker
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