Two Women DramaticallyHealed of Fibroids.

A forty-four-year-old woman told me she had fibroids in her right side of the abdomen for nine years. She did not complain of pain, however. I asked Father to send His Holy Spirit in power to dissolve and remove all the fibroids in Jesus name. 

Instantly she felt heat. I felt the Holy Spirit in my hand and running through my body. I could feel Him working under my hand. I told her I would only remove my hand when we sensed the Holy Spirit was done working. She could feel the movement in her body also. I praised and thanked the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit for healing her. She left very happy.

I prayed for many women complaining of fibroids. One 49-year-old woman had severe shooting pain which ran down and around the belly and back up, earlier in the day. She continued to have milder pain later. Michelle told me she had fibroids, but they had shrunk and were not a problem. I laid a hand on her right side and began to ask the Father to send the Holy Spirit in power to remove the cause of the shooting and lingering pain in Jesus’ name. Then I commanded any fibroids to dissolve and be gone. I felt movement under my hand, and I also felt the Holy Spirit moving in my own body and in my hand. I left my hand on her abdomen, telling the belly to soften and all fibroids to go in Jesus’ name. I felt her belly soften and shrink. Her belt slipped down as her belly shrank. She experienced the healing in a pronounced way and thanked me for the prayers. – Stephanie, Homemaker, Prayer Leader

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