Pain Leaves & Goiter Shrinks

At the ministry time a young lady asked for prayer for multiple requests. She was having a lot of headaches, neck pain, and jaw pain. All related to her clenching teeth and having a strong bite grip. She also had a thyroid lump (goiter) that caused some pain but not all the time. I prayed for the headaches, neck pain, and jaw pain first. With the first prayer she felt some relief. With the second prayer, she was completely healed of her pain. Praise God! Then I prayed for the thyroid goiter. At first I thought it was my tired eyes playing tricks on me because it looked like it was shrinking. I asked her if it actually was shrinking, and she said yes. It didn’t completely disappear while I was praying for her, but it definitely shrank 75%. Praise Jesus!      – Patty, LPN 

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