October GSSM Brazil 2019 Trip Report

On Tuesday, October 15, the Global Awakening team arrived in São Paulo. We loaded two buses and headed to lunch at a Churrascaria, a Brazilian steak house. The food was delicious. A couple of the servers enjoyed giving a tutorial on folding napkins into various objects (bird, flower, etc.) to some of the ladies at one of the tables. In spite of the language barrier, there was a great connection with the Brazilians and the team.

We then had a two hour drive to Sorocaba and checked into eSuites. There were a few cultural differences we noticed right away. The hotel key had multiple purposes – select the floor on the elevator, enter the room and turn the electricity on in the room. We also learned that one does not flush the toilet paper (some had to be reminded). 

We had a meeting in early evening for impartation and prayer. This was the first time for Global Awakening to be at Igreja Batista de Sorocaba (Sorocaba Baptist Church). So we prayed for the spiritual gifts, clarity in words of knowledge and angels to come to the Revival and Healing Conference.

At the church, Dr. Randy Clark preached on the “Power of a Word of Knowledge to Create Faith.” It was a powerful sermon! There were 153 physical healings, 138 sovereign healings and 37 emotional healings. Three deaf ears were opened. One tumor was removed, and there were nine metal miracles! One person received salvation! 25 people were ‘blasted’ by the Holy Spirit. This is a church that had not experienced such healings and miracles in such greatness!

The church provided pizza, fruit, salad and drinks after service. We enjoyed a unique beverage that looked like tea, smelled like apple juice and tasted like cream soda! What an experience!


On Wednesday, October 16, we had breakfast at the hotel restaurant, then headed to the church for training and equipping. Praise & Worship was led by the Pier 49 Band. Their anointing was over the top. Their passion and enthusiasm was contagious! Dr. Tom Jones taught on the 5 Step Prayer Model. He then asked for three Brazilians who had never healed anyone to come forward to heal three other Brazilians. It was amazing to see the reactions of all six Brazilians!

In the next session, Justin Allen taught on Words of Knowledge. He had three Brazilians, two of them were young people, who have never given a word of knowledge gave words of knowledge. It was incredible to watch them with the new experience. 

We had lunch at the hotel, and the team was able to enjoy a few hours of rest, relaxation and shopping in the afternoon.

In the evening, we went back to church and worshipped with Pier 49 Band again. There was a testimony of a lady who had fallen in her home and was in great pain. She was in bed the previous morning and night. That night she watched the service livestream. She heard Dr. Randy Clark preach, heard a word of knowledge and was healed!

Dr. Randy Clark preached on the “Power of a Testimony,” a great word! There were 122 physical healings, 62 sovereign healings and 27 emotional healings. Two blind eyes were opened. There were four metal miracles! One person rededicated his life to Christ! 22 people were ‘blasted’ by the Holy Spirit.

The church provided delicious Brazilian snacks after the service.


On Thursday, October 17, we worshipped with Pier 49 Band, and then Dr. Mike Hutchings taught on healing for trauma and pain. This is always a powerful word! So many received healing during this time.

In the next session, Dr. Tom Jones taught on “Living out your Destiny,” he then called out the destiny of those who desired.  So many came to the front and were ‘blasted’ by the Holy Spirit. 

We had lunch at the hotel and a time of rest and relaxation.

The team received some practical instructions for ministry by Dr. Randy Clark.

We then went back to church. Dr. Randy Clark preached on Impartation. There were 99 physical healings and 62 emotional healings. One individual rededicated her life to Christ! One blind eye was open, six deaf ears were opened, one tumor was removed and one lame person was healed. The Holy Spirit ‘blasted’ 430 people! 

The church provided wonderful Brazilian foods for the team after the service.


On Friday morning, October 18, the team left the hotel arriving in Ribeiro Preto in early afternoon. The TransAmerica Hotel provided a very nice and comfortable stay. We had a delicious lunch and rested. 

We left the hotel in the evening to minister at IEQ Lagoinha Foursquare Church. We worshipped with Pier 49 Band. Dr. Randy Clark taught on healing and the various ways God heals. There was a significant number of healings that took place during worship. There were 256 physical healings, 112 sovereign healings, and 73 emotional healings. There was one blind eye opened, two deaf ears opened and 17 metal miracles. There were three salvations and one rededication. Forty people were ‘blasted’ by the Holy Spirit!

After service, the church provided delicious Brazilian foods for the team.


On Saturday morning, October 19, we headed back to the church. We worshipped with Pier 49 Band. This service was specifically for ministry leaders. Dr. Randy Clark taught on “There Is More”…what a powerful Word! Then we had impartation time. So many were ‘blasted’ by the Holy Spirit.

The team had lunch at the local mall! 

In the evening, time was set aside before service for creative healing for those who had terminal illnesses, lifelong diseases or other creative healing needs. There was a professional ballerina who had been injured, had several surgeries, was on morphine for pain, and suffered many infections. She had been in a wheelchair for over seven years. God gloriously healed her. She danced across the platform during worship with the Pier 49 Band. So incredible!!

Dr. Randy Clark preached on how to build faith for healing. There were 392 physical healings, 211 sovereign healings and 126 emotional healings. There was one blind eye opened and eight deaf ears opened. Eight people gave their lives to Christ and eight more rededicated their lives. 712 people were ‘blasted’ by the Holy Spirit!

The church fed us well after the service.


On Sunday, October 20, we went back to the church and worshipped with Pier 49 Band. Dr. Tom Jones preached on destiny…such an encouraging word. Many were ‘blasted’ during the call to step into their destiny. 

We took our team picture before leaving to have lunch at the hotel. 

In the afternoon, there was a Q&A session with the GSSM student. Following the Q&A session, Dr. Randy Clark shared the vision and prophecy of Global Awakening. We then had an impartation service for the team. So much happened during the time of impartation! What a glorious time!!

We went back to church and experienced worship with Pier 49 Band for the final time. Dr. Randy Clark preached on Words of Knowledge and the various ways to receive them. He also covered the 5-Step Prayer Model. There were 329 physical healings, 167 sovereign healings and 144 emotional healings. Five blind eyes were opened, four deaf ears were opened, three tumors were removed, three lame people were healed and two metal miracles took place. Six people received Christ for salvation and two others rededicated their lives. Over 430 people were ‘blasted’ by the Holy Spirit!


On Monday, October 21, we took a five hour bus ride to the airport. We stopped for lunch along the way. At the airport, there were many pictures, hugs, goodbyes and recollections of our experiences during the waiting for the various flights. 


This trip was amazing! We witnessed so many healings and miracles. So many of the team members experienced healings through their hands for the first time! Many of us had significant encounters during impartation. The worship time was powerful. The passion and intensity of the Pier 49 Band was unbelievable. The teaching, preaching and ministry time was beyond excellence. We were challenged, inspired, motivated, equipped and activated. May the fire never go out!

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