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Pain Lifts After Severing Occult Ties

A woman named Gabriella came and asked for prayer. Her right bicep muscle had started to hurt during Randy’s impartation talk. It was about 4 inches of pain. She had pain of 7 to start. I had her forgive her dad who she lives with. She also forgave God for taking her mom to heaven. She felt like that was all she needed to forgive, so I commanded her bicep to be healed. She didn’t have any change. She mentioned a strained relationship with her siblings. She hadn’t seen them since her mom’s funeral. She forgave them. We also broke off any curses spoken. I prayed for her bicep again. The pain went down to a 2. It also was now only about an inch of her bicep that hurt. I felt led to ask about any witchcraft/occult/freemasonry in her family. She said her dad used to be a spiritist. She has been taking care of him, and she will not drive him to his meetings. We broke off all ties/vows/pacts/dedications her dad made and all generational impact because of his involvement. I prayed again. Her pain level went down to a zero. She no longer had any pain. God completely healed her of her pain!     – Tracy, Office Manager

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