Pneumonia, Deafness, and Prostate Healed

We were on a treasure hunt. There was a man who had pneumonia from being in his stuffy room so much because of his swollen prostate gland. He had moved here four years ago to be near a better hospital. We started praying for him and he said felt cold near his lungs. 

We took it as a good sign and kept praying. Then he said he felt heat behind his ears. We said, “Huh?” Then he said he could hear street noise. We were confused until the rest of his family started rejoicing and told us that he couldn’t hear in a face to face conversation and was nearly deaf. We said, “Wow! We didn’t even know!!!” Then he said his pneumonia felt 50% better so we kept praying. After our prayer, he said he was all better. Given that God was sovereignly healing, we asked him about his prostate gland. He said he’s all better. We asked him if he meant 100%. He said his whole body was better! Praise God! Later after the rest of our treasure hunt, he saw him resting on the corner of the street. I told my teammate that was the guy! He said, “Wow! If I got healed, I’d be celebrating.” I told my teammate that you don’t understand that he had been bedridden for four years and so he was celebrating! Yay, Jesus! – Hannah

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