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Psoriasis Clears

A woman came up for prayer for psoriasis. There were red patches on her arms, forehead and her body she explained. The interview led to the discovery that she was sexually abused as a child. I led her through forgiveness of her offender and commanded the skin disease to go and body to heal. Also I commanded the red patches on her skin to dry up. Finally, I prayed for her to be filled by the Lord. She went down, and the Holy Spirit continued to minister to her. The next day she went up to the platform and shared that her skin is healing. All the red patches were no longer red. They turned white. She emphasized that these allergic spots were always red and now they are white. I got to see her skin that night and indeed they have turned white and looked dried up. The red patch on her forehead was gone. She was healed of psoriasis! All glory to God.   –Jenny, Financial Advisor

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