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Right Arm Pain Goes after Several Prayers

Steve Wilson had a word for a lady named Patricia (deep cut on right arm that didn’t heal properly). During the interview she said the hand was weak and lacked full range of motion due to the injury. 

The scar was easily observable on the top of her right forearm – a large irregularly shaped horseshoe (the long side was about 2.5 inches and short side was about 1 inch). We prayed three separate times, checking in after each prayer. She said there was progress after each prayer which was encouraging to me (although she seemed disappointed after the first two, as she seemed to think the healing was to be instantaneous). After the third prayer she was testing it and said she could now pinch with her thumb and forefinger with strength. I said, “Show me” and so she pinched me and yes, it hurt! I asked if we could shake hands (to check hand strength). It was a firm, normal handshake. She kept opening and closing her hand, fully extending all five fingers. I asked if she thought it was healed and she said yes (I thought it was just from watching her, and the tests we did). I told her joyfully we needed to clap ten times. I proceeded to clap, but she just kept opening and closing her hand and looked at me with a bewildered expression. Praise the Lord. – Andrew

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