Roots of Sickness Revealed, Fibromyalgia Healed


There was a woman who had stomach problems, leg pain, and Fibromyalgia along with a heart problem. I had just been healed of Fibromyalgia so I took authority over it in Jesus’ name. She fell into a chair and after a moment, I asked what she was experiencing. She said it didn’t feel good because she got a headache and felt like she was somewhere else. I knew we were dealing with demonic oppression, so I asked what else happened in her life when she was diagnosed with the Fibromyalgia and arrhythmia. She said her son was falsely accused and thrown in jail for murder.


She was a single mother and her husband had died 17 years ago. Her health problems began 7-10 years before when her son was put in jail. I asked her if she wanted to give the grief, loneliness, and fear to God. She said yes so we prayed and gave it to God. We renounced them, rejoiced and asked the Holy Spirit to come fill her instead. She was already feeling improvement and the head ache was leaving. I then prayed again, commanding all Fibromyalgia symptoms, all stomach issues, and all leg pain to leave. I blessed her heart to function normally with perfect rhythm. I checked with her after praying several times and by the end all the pain she’d walked in with was gone!

– Mariah, Office Manager

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