Sciatic Pain Healed Without an Interpreter

After the service, I saw a junior high girl with her mother waiting to get to the stage to be prayed for. I made a praying-hands sign looking at the little girl. She smiled and nodded. Seeing no interpreter nearby, I held up one finger gesturing for her to wait a moment. I opened a picture on my phone of text questions I used in Healing Ministry at the mall today and showed her the first question which asked her if I could give her a 10 second blessing in the name of Jesus Christ for pain removal. She pointed at herself and shook her head, then motioned for her mom to read my phone. The woman pointed to her lower back and down her leg as if in sciatic pain. She held up fingers indicating level 5 pain. I said a brief prayer in the name of Jesus Christ. I pointed to the last printed question. She moved around, smiled, and held up her hands in the shape of a zero. The woman, her daughter, and I laughed together. I said, “Obligato, Jesus!” And we all did a group hug in praise to Jesus!  

– Paul, Truck Driver

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