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Team Member’s Knee Cartilage is Restored

A few days ago on the bus, team member Sarah Gonzalez was standing near me, telling someone else that her knees always hurt because she has no knee cartilage which she has been dealing with for about 2 years now. I was seated and asked if I could pray for her knees to be healed. She said yes. I said you probably had this done for you many times. She said yes. I said let me add my prayers to all those who have already prayed. Her pain level was 9 out of 10. After a short prayer, I asked if anything was going on inside. She said, “no.” I prayed the second time. Then she said she felt popping going on in her knees. I proceeded to pray again, but the bus started moving. She had to walk past me to her seat. I felt burdened to continue praying for her but did not have the opportunity until this morning (Tuesday). When I got on the elevator to go down to the buses which were leaving for the mall, she and some of her group were on the elevator. We exchanged smiles and greetings. I told her I would love to continue to pray for her knees. She said she would love that. In the hotel lobby a few minutes later, I saw her sitting with her brother off to the side. I went over and asked if I could pray for her as we waited to board the buses. I asked her brother, Levi, to place his hands on her knees. I led him in a prayer for healing. Sarah began to fidget in discomfort as she was feeling extreme heat all over her body. After about a minute of continuing prayer, I told her to stand up and tell us what was going on in her knees. She stood, bent down, and stood again. She began to laugh saying she felt something in her knees. She said her knees were not grinding anymore. I told her to jog over there a distance away and come back. She returned with the biggest smile on her face as we all praise God together. It was time to board the buses. I said, “Let’s run to the buses!” She took off in front of me, and I caught up to her. She was jogging, running, jumping, and laughing all the way and calling out, “Thank you Jesus!” We sat down next to each other on the bus. I pulled out my phone to videotape her testimony right away. She explained how she is a weightlifter and has worked her knees so hard that she had bone on bone in her knees with a feeling of grinding in her knees and constant pain. But now after prayer there was no grinding at all, and she felt new material in her knees. She said the pain level was 4, but she was so elated at her knees were working correctly that her current pain level was insignificant in comparison. I prayed that her pain would go down to zero in Jesus name. The pain went completely away, and she was so happy she couldn’t speak but testified to the work of Jesus indicating her pain level by holding up her hand in the shape of a zero!   Here is her testimony video link:     

-Paul, Truck Driver

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