September Brazil 2013 – Arthritis Pain & Stomach Issues Healed

A young woman, Fabiana, had problems with her stomach and esophagus. She had had two surgeries to stop regurgitation of food and reflux and was still not right. She also had been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in her back up around into the shoulders/neck and a rash on her back. 

Considering the multiple things going on and thinking of possible stress, anxiety or unforgiveness, I asked if she had been hurt by anyone. She said no. She did identify losing her father 20 years ago, but there was no direct correlation to when her problems started. I began to pray for her healing in the areas identified and asking the Father to bless her and fill her with his love. I also felt to pray for stress and grief to leave. She began to sob as the Father took away grief and hopelessness. Gloria Deus! We checked with her about the arthritis pain – she declared it was gone and had a look of joy on her face. Her stomach also felt better but the testing of this would be when she would next take food. A real turning point came for her when I asked her to open her eyes and look at me, then telling her, “He loves you! He really loves you and wants to be your Father!” I was really moved as I watched how wonderfully God brought inner healing and physical healing at the same time! – David 

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