September Brazil 2013 – Eyesight Improves

A lady about 55 came forward for prayer. She had 40-45% sight in right eye and her left eye was totally blind. She had been this way since birth. Her mom had tried to abort her and was unsuccessful. The retinas came detached as a result of the chemicals used in the attempt to abort her. 

A doctor tried to re-attach the retinas in both eyes. The right eye was a bit successful. The left eye was damaged further as a result of surgery. When the interpreter and I began to pray, the lady began to swoon and in a worried voice said, ‘Everything is going dark.’ I told her, “I will not leave your side.” I put my arm around her and the interpreter and another lady helped me ease her to the floor. She remained this way for 8-10 minutes. I was on her right side. She began to flutter her eyes. She opened her eyes and was looking at me and we eased her into a chair that someone had brought. I knew that her left eye had sight even before she opened it. I smiled at her and slowly moved from her far right. Her eyes, BOTH EYES,were tracking!!! As I stood front and centre both eyes were focused on me! We continued to pray with her over the next hour or so I could tell emotional healing was going on. My interpreter had left and I called over our Brazilian team mate. He was able to interview her and filled me in on the history and the progress of the healing that was taking place. She was saying that she felt burning on the right eye and right side. We felt there was a spirit of death. We broke it over her life. She became more at peace. At the end of the evening we saw that the right eye had 70% improvement and her left eye she could see things 7-8 feet away! She went from totally blind to seeing. Thank you Jesus. – Patricia

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