September Brazil 2013 -Depression & Effects of Stroke Go!

A lady came with 2 metal crutches and with a waist support (she couldn’t walk without them). It was her first time at church. When Carter prayed for only people who were terminal to stand up she did. She told us she wasn’t terminal but that she had depression for over 10 years because someone really hurt her. 

She said her whole body was in pain and that her pain level was a 9. We prayed and the pain began to slowly go. She also told us that she had suffered a stroke and her right side had paralysis. We walked her through a prayer of forgiveness which she wasn’t sure she could do but she did. Tears began to flow. Once that happened, it seemed that her healing quickly came. She began to walk without her crutches. We kept praying and the pain went away completely and she walked around the room. The depression was gone and she accepted Jesus as her Saviour. She said she was the happiest she could remember being. – Chandra 

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