September Brazil 2013 – Emotional and Physical Healing

A woman approached me with her three teenage children around her, her son closest to her. Her son spoke English some so I asked him to help translate. Her right arm was in a lot of pain with very restricted movement, but I could also see sadness in her face. (I found out this woman’s husband has been disengaged from the family and was addicted to drugs for close to 5 years.) 

I had been finding that one of the keys to healing has been to start by affirming them and releasing the Father’s love and blessing over them. In this case, I felt it important to have the children join in the prayer, not wanting them to think healing would happen only because I was praying. We asked Holy Spirit to meet her need, release her from the stress of overwork and fill her with His love. I encouraged the children to tell their mom their feelings toward her. If I did pray for her healing it was short and simple. She went down under the love and power of the Spirit and experienced shaking, mostly in her right arm. It was evident that Jesus was doing an emotional and physical healing. She got up a few minutes later and her arm was completely healed. In fact, she was able to engage me in a friendly arm wrestle pain free! Praise God! – David

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