September Brazil 2013 – Left Knee, Ankle, Shoulder Pain Leave!

I had received a word of knowledge about pain in the left knee. A group of us were asked to minister to a lady called Mana who had pain in her left knee and had a painful right shoulder. So I laid hands on her knee and commanded the pain to leave. 

She also had pain in her left ankle. After continuing to pray we asked if she was feeling better. She said she felt God touching her. I cast out the spirit of arthritis and asked if the pain had gone. She said yes about 80%. I then prayed some more and she received 100% healing. I encouraged her to get up and walk around. I discovered she used crutches but now she was able to walk unaided for a bit. Then she told us that the other leg below the knee was artificial. We prayed for her painful right shoulder. She was able to lift her arms up and the pain had reduced. I prayed for a filling of joy. After lots of hugs we found out that she suffered from depression, so we cast out the spirit of depression and filled her with more joy. She got up and walked some more. She was happy. – Alison 
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