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September Brazil 2013 – Metastatic Cancer Touched, Pain Goes

A 58 year-old man with metastatic cancer involving the lungs, abdomen, left 1st rib, neck, left flank (mass the size of a large orange) came for prayer. He had pain in all these areas and was depressed. I prayed commanding pain/cancer to go. The pain began to wander. 

I commanded the spirit of affliction to go and the wandering stopped. I continued to pray commanding the cancer to go, but there was no change. I asked if he had any unforgiveness. He had unforgiveness against a former church, family members and himself. He forgave them all by name. Pain levels were improving. He felt he was unworthy to receive healing from Jesus. I explained his worth as a son of God and friend of Jesus. He accepted this. I prayed healing to his body. The pain was 50% improved. I asked him about occult involvement. He recounted some involvement in an occult church three years before (about time his cancer was discovered). He repented of this. I prayed a healing prayer. His pain improved to about 30% of what it was. I asked the Holy Spirit to assist him with any other areas that might be interfering with his healing. He recalled the premature death of his “very godly” older brother and how sad he was over this. We explained that the Bible described Jesus as a man of sorrows who bears our sadness/grief and that Jesus wanted to take his sadness. He gave his sickness to Jesus. I asked him about his pain. He lifted up his head and proclaimed with a huge smile (before he had a very depressed countenance), “I have no pain!” There was no change in size of left flank mass.

I asked the Holy Spirit about continuing in prayer and I sensed Him saying that this was step 1 and to have the pastor seal the prayers over him. We all thanked the Lord for his progress with removing the pain. Then the pastor prayed over him. I instructed the man to continue to come back to the church for prayer and that if any thought of unworthiness returns, he can command those thoughts to go. – Phil and Lynn 

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