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September Brazil 2013 – Paralyzed From Birth, Woman Walks

At a church in Sao Paulo a woman, named Rosi Mar, was in a wheelchair. She was 25 years old and had never walked. As I approached I felt the Father’s love for her. I also felt upset that she was in that condition. Through my interpreter , Jessica, we found out that she had been born paralyzed. 

We also found out that before she was born a Macumba witch had cursed her mother. We broke off Macumba and then commanded healing and strength into her legs. The Spirit impressed on me 2 Corinthians 1v 18-20 says that Jesus is the divine Yes. She said she felt heat I her legs. We decided to test it out so we helped Rosi out of her wheelchair. She was very determined. The interpreter and I walked with Rosi to the back of the church. Rose said, “This is the first time I have walked in my life.” We stopped to let her rest and there we clapped and shouted praise to the Lord Jesus for his wonderful love! We then walked back to the front of the church with Rosi beaming a lovely smile all the way. Her pastor came over and was very excited. He hugged her and gave thanks to the Lord. People were so happy and giving thanks for Rosie walking for the first time in her life. – Joseph
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