September Brazil 2013 – Pre-teen’s Big Toe Healed

A boy about 12 years old came to us on his own toward the end of the meeting saying he’d hurt his big toe on his left foot in an accident about 5 months back. He removed his shoe and sock revealing a large somewhat irregular looking toe. It looked like it may have been previously broken. 

I asked him to show me the other foot to compare. Some of what I saw was his natural form, but there was evidence of swelling. He reported constant pain on weight bearing. I asked him his name which apparently means “God helps.” I thought this was cool, so I said, “God is indeed your helper and your healer.” After releasing healing in Jesus name the toe appeared less swollen. There was no obvious visible reaction to prayer, but on faith that the Lord had been healing him, I asked him to test it by standing up and walking around – he reported all pain gone. He then tried running and all was well! I encouraged him that God wants to use him and to keep following Jesus. – David 

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