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September Brazil 2013 – Prostate & Cataracts Healed!

I prayed for an older gentleman, Joseph, who had prostate problems. I commanded healing to his prostate gland and normal function to be restored. I asked if he felt he had been healed and he said yes. Then he wanted prayer for his eyes because he had cataracts. I tried to establish how far he could see, but there was not translator with us to help me with this. I asked him to lay hands over his eyes and I put my hands on his hands. I commanded for cataracts to leave and/or 20/20 vision to be restored. I asked if he could see better. At first, he reported an 80%improvement. I prayed again and asked again if he could see better, he then said 100%. I prayed blessing and strength for him and his whole family, wife, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. – Alison

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