September Brazil 2013 – Ovary Pain Healed

God gave me a sharp pain in the upper right hip. I gave the word of knowledge and several women stood up. Howard Roshaven’s wife had pain in the same location and felt like God showed her it was ‘ovarian cancer’ and the woman may not even know it. Howard instructed people to stand up who had that pain. 

One woman, Simone, stood up and the Spirit drew my attention to her. She was crying. The Spirit spoke to my heart that she was healed as soon as she stood up. I called her forward and with the interpreter’s help I told her that I believed she was already healed the moment she stood up. She agreed with many tears, but she sat down after a small twinge of pain returned. I encouraged her NOT to give in to unbelief, but to RENEW HER MIND and believe for the healing. The enemy was trying to steal it away. She agreed and was going to go to the doctor for CONFIRMATION of her healing. Glory to God! – Paul
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