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Set Free From Fear of Water

God blessed, touched and healed me in so many ways on this trip. I was set free from the fear of water, swimming (I almost drowned three times) and the inability to open my eyes under water. 

After I was taught how to snorkel even though I can’t swim, I actually went snorkeling!

One night I experienced a rat attack in the latrine! I went back with team and had joy and laughter. Later I actually went to the latrine one night with no light.

This trip opened my eyes to a new world. Heidi prophesied new dimensions in God over me. I received an Impartation of joy. I had been praying for months for this. Rolland imparted double onto our team. Once was in worship, which was powerful and the Lord spoke to me and called me a “fire starter”! (That is my global level of partnership.) I saw myself as a lighter/flint that sparked and a flame came! I saw in the Spirit the heat of the Holy Spirit and He told me to blow two times. Then I saw the heat of the Holy Spirit spread in the church! Impartation came! – Judith

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