Gospel Powerful to Save & Heal

The simple gospel is powerful to save. I prayed for a man on a construction crew outside of the hospital – his ear hurt. I asked him if it had improved and he said yes. 

When I asked him if he was a Christian he said he was Farsi. He said his ear was almost all better. I told him Jesus healed him. At that point we went to pray again and eight of his fellow workers all joined in, laying hands on him and praying. He was completely healed! Our interpreter was so excited! He said those men had been unbelievers and when they saw the healing they believed in Jesus! Seeing people receive Jesus is my favorite. The miracle of seeing a person born into life from death is my passion. I learned so much about how love, honor and sacrificial love open doors for the gospel. I learned to have patience and trust God for his timing. – Annetra

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